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The Easiest 'Game' ever !

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Noticing a lot of looks, but far fewer players ;as well as comments that the current games are a bit old now, "please allow me to introduce" this game. Too easy ! The current player comments on the song introduced by the previous player. This could take the form of an anecdote, a love/hate reply, etc. Anything goes, and thus all can play-- no brain teasing. Just remember to put a song out for the next poster !

Gotta have a few rules though and I guess these will do:

1. Please, no back-and-forth comments/discussions about any particular song. Keep it moving !

2. If you really don't have any comment/clue about the current song listed, declare "Pass" and introduce one of your own, with of course, a song for the next poster. Later posters are welcome to backtrack and comment on past 'passes', though, by also declaring a' pass' on the current song.

So, all can play, anytime, anywhere, with anyone, and with minimal effort.

To start with : " Little Red Corvette" -- Prince


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Tori nearly always sings about personal occurances, and her songs read like a diary to me.

"You're just an empty cage girl

If you kill the bird

I've been looking for a savior in these dirty streets

looking for a savior beneath these dirty sheets

I've been raising up my hands

Drive another nail in

Got enough guilt to start

my own religion

Please be

Save me

I cry"

It's a ballad to whoever will save her. It's like she feels like she has a public flogging daily, like all her sins are on display for everyone to see and it's her dealing with her guilt and wrongdoing. Also, religion plays a very strong role in her music - and she bases alot of her lyrics on church proceedings or Biblical events.

My song is:

Just - Radiohead

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Wow, great lyrics and music! It´son "Let it Bleed" and also the title of a film featuring Rolling Stones live at Altamont, in 1963. A man was stabbed by a Hell´s Angel.There is also Ike and Tina Turner and Flying Burrito Bros playing some songs.

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I'm sure that was a typo about Altamont. It was actually 1969, for those who are interested.

Sure it was...! sorry... nasty finger!!! Altamont was in 69, thank you Sammy!

Alice Cooper loves things... they are his paradise... He was born the same day than Jesus, only 1945 years after...

"Still the same" - Bob Seger

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One of those songs which I used to like, but after living in Asia for long enough (where they view simple, melodic western tunes as god-like---don't get me started on the Beatles!) , find a forced, streched grin on my face when played.

Stand and Deliver -- Adam and the Ants

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