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Greatest films of the 80's


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MS Access just beamed this in:

"Aliens" (1986)--Just how did Ripley instantly connect with Newt?

"Amadeus" (1984)--Being mediocre can be very depressing

"The Big Red One" (1980)--Squad level World War II

"Cinema Nuovo Paradiso" (1988)--Toto goes home and sees a Movie!

"Diva" (1981)--Taping a live performance can be very dangerous

"Escape From New York" (1981)--Snake Plissken arrives on the hunt

"Monty Python's The Meaning of Life" (1983)

"Supercop/Police Story" (1985)--Jackie Chan begins his Hong Kong cop series

"Quantum Leap" (1989)--Dr. Sam Beckett takes a trip into the past for the first time

"The Right Stuff" (1983)

"Roxanne" (1987)--Cyrano de Bergerac is a fire chief who romances a rocket scientist...for a tongue tied hunky smoke eater


OK, so it's not great, but it was fun ::

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