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A thought from someone new...

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Hello everyone,

I've never posted on anything like this before, but after seeing how *someone* was so addicted i thought i'd give it a try. I got home in a mood today... long story... and wrote this. Let me know what you think...

Why do i do it to myself?

I open up, I give and give,

But rejection is all I get.

Perhaps I love too easily, maybe I care too much,

Is it me or really something else?

When I love someone,

They are the center of my world.

I let myself in to recieve all this pain,

Heartbreak and loneliness seem to be my curse.

So I sit and I ponder.

Alone with my tears.

Alone alone alone.

Hmmm, not that great really... oh well

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Chojin, your heart is such a loving and giving one - one day that heart will find its perfect mate and she will love you with all the intensity you seek. You'll be embraced by all her love, more than you have even dreamed of.


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Geoff, writing your feelings helps on so many levels. You are smart to transfer your emotions to paper as soon as possible. I also write. Here are two observations I have made over half of a hopefully very long lifetime that might be of some consolation to you at this time. The first is untitled, while the other is appropriately titled.

Passion that results in pain

Is infinitely better than

Solitude that realizes solace.

One indicates a flame

That will never die.

The other gathers kindling

That will never light.


We fell in love with ideas of love;

Living life, our hearts were torn apart.

We should have sought integrity .. character,

Let hearts find the love therein.

Youthful fantasy and reality is a volatile mixture.

Decisions should never be made near a wishing well.

All the best to you, my friend.

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That was very well done dude!! cudos, as well, Welcome to the willing version of HOTEL CALIFORNIA!!! Once you come, you dont want to leave!!! =:P go me!! go you!! go all the writters here, I feel that the writers have gotten stronger since my arrival that long month a go!!

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