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loud, wild, crazy songs

this frozen rose

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I like this one ::

"More More More..." by The Andrea True Connection

"Harley David(son Of A Bitch)" by The Bollock Brothers

"Romeo's Distress" by Christian Death

"Relax (Don't Do It)" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

"Are You Ready For The Sex Girls?" by The Gleaming Spires

"Detachable Penis" by King Missile

"Material Girl" as covered by KMFDM

"Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)" by Paul Lekakis

"Fever" by Madonna

"Dirty Little Secrets" by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

"Theme From Sexpress" by Sexpress

"Sex Dwarf" by Soft Cell

"All You Ever Think About Is Sex" by Sparks

"Ich Will Dich" by Wumpscut

:: :headphones:

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Psycho - System of a down

Hate Team (Who's fist is this anyway) - Prong

Genius - Pitchshifter

Drain the blood - The Distillers

Back to school(mini maggot) - Deftones

Terrible - Insane Clown Posse

Rape me - Nirvana

Down with the sickness - Disturbed

Spit it out - Slipknot

A.D.I.D.A.S - Korn

Freak on a leash - Korn

Bad blood - Ministry

Loco - Coal Chamber

Supermanic soul - Ministry

Zero - Smashing Pumpkins

You don't care about us - Placebo

More human than human - Rob Zombie

Nancy Boy - Placebo

Dead Girl Superstar - Rob Zombie

Superstar - Saliva

Auto surgery - Therapy?

Give it away - RHCP

New sh*t - Marilyn Manson

User friendly - Marilyn Manson

Tainted loe - Marilyn Manson

Miss Lucifer - Primal Scream

All oer me - Drowning Pool

Ich will - Rammstein

Rusty cage - Soundgarden

Kickstand - Soundgarden

Get inside - Stone sour

Kiss the machine - Battery 9

Feel good hit of the summer - Queens of the stone age

Last serenade - Killswitch engage

Dig - Mudvayne


Man, I could be here all day! ::

Hope your CD is as LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS as you were hoping for! :rockon:

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That's the first one that came to mind - good loud and obnoxious list, Earth-Angel!

Loud and obnoxious is my middle name! ::

Sorry for all the missing "v's" in my list....this keyboard at work is all funky! :laughing:

Here are some more:

Sh*tlist - L7

Fire water burn - Bloodhound gang

Jump around - House of pain

Their law - Prodigy

Poison - Prodigy

Satin sheets - silverchair

Anthem for the year 2000 - silverchair

Are you gonna go my way? - Lenny Kravitz

Gay bar - Electric six

Hobo humpin slobo babe - Whale

Rocks - Primal scream

Lazy generation - The F-Ups

Vasoline - Stone temple pilots

Bullet in the head - Rage against the machine

Calm like a bomb - RATM

Bombtrack - RATM

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Loud, crazy and wild? My favorite from that category has always been "Fire" by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. What a fun song, and one of the best of the early videos.

Circa 1968.

Check this out here..... The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Good, UncleJoe, at least someone who knows about The Crazy World of AB and his weird and wild "Fire"... very psychedelich yet...

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B.O.B. - OutKast

Akshon - Killer Mike featuring Big Boi

Get Rich To This - Goodie Mobb featuring Big Boi

I'mma Tell - Tech N9ne

Never Scared - Bone Crusher featuring Killer Mike and T.I.

Act A Fool - Ludacris

Lap Dance - N.E.R.D.

Breathe - Blu Cantrell featuring Sean Paul

No Matter What (Party All Night) - Toya

Land Of A Thousand Dances - Wilson Pickett

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