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Anyone know about Dire Straits- LOCAL HERO?


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It's the theme from the 1986 British movie, "Local Hero", directed by Bill Forsyth and featuring no less an actor than Burt Lancaster in a small role.

The movie is about a giant oil company who send a man to Scotland, in order to secretly buy up an entire coastal town where they want to build a refinery. But the towns people find out why he's come, and set about convincing him to work against his boss to stop the plan. It's a very enjoyable film; funny and moving at the same time, and should be easy enough to find on video or DVD .

The music is not strictly by Dire Straits, it was actually released as a Mark Knopfler solo album. But it features all his band mates amongst a bunch of session musicians, so its a Dire Straits record in all but name. Musically, it just sounds like a collection of Dire Straits instrumentals with a slight touch of Scottish traditional music ( happily, no bagpipes though!). Interestingly, the only vocal track on the album is provided by Gerry Rafferty, who had a huge solo hit in Britain with "Baker Street" in the late seventies, and was part of Stealers Wheel, who did "Stuck in the Middle With You", which is the soundtrack to the infamous ear removal scene in Resevoir Dogs.

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