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Collective Soul.


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I was shoppin' at the local pawn shop yesterday and I picked up some Collective Soul CDs (50 cents a piece) and they were really quite good. Up 'til yesterday I had only heard stuff like 'World I Know' 'Shine' and so on, but there's really a lot more to them that stuff.

Anyway the CDs I picked up were

Collective Soul

(I don't remember the first two words of this title) And Things Better Left Off Unsaid.

Disciplined 'Something' (the CD jacket didn't come with the CD)


Anyway, what other albums have they put out, and could someone fill in the 'somethings' from the album titles for me?

Oh yeah, is there anyone else here who likes 'em?

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Collective Soul are a great band that sadly faded away after releasing a very good single (The story of Why part 2) a few years back. I only ever had 3 of thier albums (collective soul, disciplined breakdown & hints, allegations and things left unsaid), but they were a big band in their heyday. :thumbsup: What a bargain at 50c a piece! ::

Their best singles collection is one I'd like to buy, thanks for the reminder! Although I'm sad to see there are alot of good singles omitted...

1. Heavy

2. She Said

3. Shine

4. Energy

5. Run

6. Gel

7. Precious Declaration

8. Why Pt. 2

9. The World I Know

10. Next Homecoming

11. Listen

12. December

13. Forgiveness

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Scott, in my opinion you have the only CD's of theirs worth buying so far. I thought "Blender" was terrible. Sometime in the near future, they're going to release another CD on their independent label. Hopefully it will be worth checking out. I suppose "Blender" could have been a token release just to get out of their record contract.

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