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"Never go back" song from the 80's?


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I did some google searches and found nothing, I'm not totally sure it was in the 80s but it sounds 80ish, reminds me of beverly hills cop soundtrack, sounds like a black woman singing.

the chorus go something like,

never go back to that ????? ??(maybe once) again

never go back

never go back

never go back

what is frustrating is I have heard it recently when I went out to eat and another time in the grocery store!!

please help thanks


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well i dont know exactly what your talking about but there is a song that has that line in it but i cannot think of the band right now but it goes like this never go back never go back never go ..... in the moring i can see teh signs no wonder i can never keep you satisfied well im pretty sure your not looking for that one but hay its a good song :happybanana:

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Konstantine, the song you're referring to is "Mourning" by Tantric.

Is there something that you?re trying to say

Don't hold back now

It's been a long time since I felt this way

So don't hold back now

I purposely forgot about

Loving anyone

Cause I'm the only one who has

Who has been stepped upon

Is there something that you?re trying to say

Cause I can take it

Cause I grew up a man this way

I'm hurt I'll shake it

I'll crawl back into my cave

That's how I'll make it

Cause out of all this hurt we have

Beauty thus become

Beauty thus become


In the mourning I can see the sights

No wonder I could never keep you satisfied

In the mourning I can see inside

Myself and all the things that you were trying to hide


Wishing all the best for you

And now I?ll say goodbye

Cause all the sh!t that we've been through

Put wisdom in my eyes

So walk away, don't turn around

Cause I won't be standing here

Cause all the lies that I've been living through

Are becoming very clear

And beauty thus become

Oh yeah, ah


Then you conned me into thinking

That all I had was you

The small insinuations

Were cutting me through

Cutting me through

And now I stand alone here

Stronger than before

And I'll never go back

Never go back

Never go

[Chorus x2]

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