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Musical Families


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I just couldn't resist this one. Here's 20.

* Frank, father of Dweezil, Moon Unit, and Ahmet Zappa.

* Michael, Tito, Jackie, Marlon, Jermaine, Rebbie, Randy, Janet and La Toya Jackson siblings.

* Donny, Jimmy, Alan, Merrill, Wayne, Jay, Marie Osmond siblings.

* Andrew, John, and Tim Farriss, brothers, INXS (originally known as the Farriss Brothers).

* Duane and Greg Allman , brothers.

* Johnny & Dorsey Burnette , brothers. Billy and Rocky are sons/ nephews, respectively.

* John & Tom Fogerty / Creeedence Clearwater Revival.

* Sly, Freddie, & Rose Stone , siblings, + cousin Larry Graham/ Sly And The Family Stone.

* Ronald, Rudolph, Kelly, Ernie & Marvin Isley / The Isley Brothers.

* Aaron, Art, Charles & Cyril Neville / Neville Brothers.

* Anita, Bonnie, June and Ruth Pointer / Pointer Sisters.

* Mary & Betty Weiss, sisters, + Mary Ann & Marge Ganser, twin sisters,/ The Shangri-Las .

* Ann and Nancy Wilson , twin sisters,/ Heart.

* Gary & Martin Kemp , twin brothers,/ Spandau Ballet;

* Ricky, his twin sons Matthew & Gunnar Nelson .

* Randy Newman , his uncles Alfred and Lionel wrote scores of movie scores in the 1950s/60s.

* Debby Boone , daughter of Pat and they are descendants of frontiersman, Daniel Boone.

* Shaun and David Cassidy , same father,but Shirley Jones (Partridge Family) is (a) Shaun's real mother, (B) David's stepmother, although she played his mother in the TV series.

* Gary Lewis , son of comedian/ singer Jerry Lewis.

* Kim Wilde , daughter of 50s British Rock Star Marty.

Thanks to those who had kind words for me and thanks for voting Lizzie back to 3 stars. Merry Christmas All.

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Thanks Crystal- that's very kind of you- you're a peach. Thanks to Edna, Sue and Kevin also. I'll be back in the New Year. Our eldest daughter and grandchildren are coming to stay for a couple of weeks after Christmas. Here's a pic of them with Santa, Christopher 6 months and Alyssa 3 1/2.


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[*]Frank, Moon Unit, and (Dweezil)? Zappa [*]The Sylvers--(Boogie Fever) [*]Debarge [*]Pat and Debbie Boone

Hi Annette. (Sorry, I used a couple of yours again in my post.) This is a great post. :thumbsup: Debarge are one of my favorite groups. James, the keyboardist, was once married to Janet Jackson. I think we should declare you the "quantity winner" as there were 9 siblings in the Sylvers.

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forgiev me if some of these hav already been posted but my brain is like a sieve today....

The wonderful Triffids contained two brothers, David & Robert McComb

There are the McAloon brothers, Paddy & Martin from Prefab Sprout

Richard & Linda Thompson

Martin Carthy & Norma Waterson

The Copper Family

The Womack clan in its various guises

Bob Marley and his various musical family members (Ziggy, Rita, etc.)

And then there were the brothers who were in Bob's backing band... Aston & Carlton Barrett

Fela Kuti and Femi Kuti

The Kings Of Leon

and finally.. The Captain & Tenille :googly:

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