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Ben Hur

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By all account my very, very favorite movie, I own a copy and have seen it dozens of times. Chuck Heston at his absolute best!!! First winner of 11 academy awards, and still far above it's shared oscar partners (Titanic and Return of the King) in my opinion.

I was just reading an article about the best soundtrack for a religious movie, and the poll had the Passion above Ben Hur. I have to disagree. My main reason is the music in Ben Hur is more magnificence to the film (again in my opinion).

The scenes where the Romans march or the slave-ship rowing drill takes place and, of course the famous chariot race the build-up score is incredible.

Have you seen Ben Hur lately! Oh man what a film!! I wish they would re-release on IMAX, I'd pay $20.00 to see it!!

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Pink, I don't get to see this film off of TV often, but it was on a local summer filmfest schedule and I forgot how powerful the chariot race's sound was. And then, on today's modern sound systems, it was even more thundering. This is one of those films that explode on the big screen.

This was a strong Heston performance, but I also like his EL CID and MAJOR DUNDEE performances, too (both of which oddly end up with Heston's impalement...hmmm - I wonder if these influences his preferences for guns being used to kill people? ha ha).

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