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Favorite New Songs

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actually there's this new girl band from london called the 411 and their debut single was great. it had a guy rapping on it and was about the demise of a relationship, some of the chorus went

'i can't fall down on my knees

and apologise to you

cos that ain't my style'

and some other words went

'he's got you begging on your knees,

crying in your sleep

making you believe him

but you're stronger than you'll ever know girl

you control your own world...'

i thought it was a great song, different and edgy, not your typical girlband stuff

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:thumbsup: Ok Gisela, I shall have a listen to their first single - their voices are alot better than the other pop-tarts out at the moment and the lyrics you quoted look decent. Just when I hear that Palmolive (?) ad come on with SJP stepping out the limo I want to get up and throw the TV out the window!

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Let go - Frou Frou :bow:

Strange & Beautiful (I'll put a spell on you) - Aqualung :headphones:

Since I left you / Frontier psychiatrist - The Avalanches

Remind me / Poor Leno / Eple - Royksopp

The reason - Hoobastank

Things I've seen - Spooks

Extreme ways - Moby

As the rush comes - Motorcycle

3 girl Rhumba - Klonhertz

Starry eyed surprise - Oakenfold ft. Shifty Shellshock

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