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Heart Of Gold

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I wrote this as an English Assignment for Remembrance Day, which is the day we Canadians take time to remember the brave men who fought in wars.I am hoping it will win a prize and be read. With that money, a friend would sell me 5 Doors cd's!!!!

Heart Of Gold

Storming across the battlefield

'Twas not a Sunday stroll

Bullets whistling by

While the war was growing old

Roaming through the plains

Of foreign, war-stricken lands

Unknown, unfriendly faces

On every cobblestone

Thinking of the hate that the world then had,

The death, the torture, the blood. . . .

What happened in those fateful days

Should happen nevermore.

Lessons never learned

There is hatred still today

Soldiers give their lives

Every single day

Honouring the living, remembering the dead

Canadians now gather, to hear the names read.

Every single one, had stories left untold

Every single one, had a heart of gold.

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Well, it didnt win :( and it should of, I dont want to be cocky, but one of them that won had a line that went like this:

"We take for granite our freedom"

Like, are we talking about cement or the remembering here?

And another winner was like

Remember the soldiers

Remember The Guns

Remember The Killers

Remember the uniforms

oh well, you cant trust people over 70 to make the right decisions all the times 50_50.gif

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