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This has been bugging me for years. There's a song that I really liked that came out in the mid-90's from a hard rock band with a male lead singer. The only line from the song I can fully remember is:

"coming down from this cloud" or something very very close to that. If you have any ideas of what song this is and who sings it, I would be very greatful.


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Come Back Down by BUSH

love and hate get it wrong

she cut me right back down to size

sleep the day let it fade

who was there to take your place

no one knows never will

mostly me but mostly you

what do you say do you do

when it all comes down

I don't want to come back down from this cloud

taken me all this time to find out what I need

and I'm doing fine now

there's no blame only shame

when you beg you just complain

more I come more I try

all police are paranoid

so am I so's the future

so are you be a creature

what do you say do you do when it all comes down :rockon:

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