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Avril bashes Ashlee

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Only trouble, their "celebrity" is dubious at best. That Avril looks like she might be able to fight, though. She also looks like she needs a bath.

Come to think of it....all those people that participated in the 'celebrity boxing' things....well, their celebrity was dubious, as well. So, I guess, ring the bell...

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You got it in a nutshell JR! but lets not forget the "Life's so hard on me" and the "I'm really 'suicidal', feel sorry for me, and buy my records" and "I can play two chords on the guitar, I rock!" Grrr..

Actually, she has someone else play those two chords!

Avril is pretty funny, she also started a feud with Hillary Duff. It's like a 2nd grader tripping a kindergardener.

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