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War Films


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Every war has been depicted in film!

War film have been popular in the 40's and 50's then the 60's there was The Green Berets and The Good, the bad and the ugly was centered around the civil war. The 70's brought us some staunch classic films on the subject like Patton, M*A*S*H, The Deer Hunter, Midway and Apocalypse now. The 80's was getting serious with Rambo, Full Metal Jacket, Good Morning Vietnam and Platoon. Then the 90's brought us Saving Private Ryan and Schindlers List. In this millenium we've seen Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down. I know there is a lot more than this, these are just some of my personal favorites and key classics.

We seem facinated, as a culture, with war. It's seems.

What do you think about war films? Do you have a favorite?

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Platoon damn near pulled my guts out.

Saving Private Ryan was very good, although there were some flaws. I've read literally hundreds of books on WWII, and there weren't any medics out there without weapons. They portray them as angels of mercy, risking life and limb completely unarmed. You bet your a$$ they had sidearms. Also, there's no way a squad of soldiers go wandering through open fields across the French countryside in broad daylight.

Other than that, it was top notch :thumbsup:

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'Zulu' or 'Zulu Dawn'-- I think they pitted two types of mankind: one cocky. industrial and sure-footed with that of conservative and content, in a fairly balanced way. One can feel both sympathy and support for either side--which I think is the goal of any balaced war-flick.

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Roger, I'm assuming your joking as there cannot infact be a war on terror---'terror' being an intangible concept and thus as reasonable as a war on god/sloth/wickedness/this damn cold, if you will ,or whatever. If your're going to pick a fight...name your enemy ! :rockon:

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I'm at a disadvantage. I read so much about it, I'm always picking the movies apart in their accuracy. I wish I could just sit back and enjoy the damn movie.

"The Longest Day", for instance...They depict the Luftwaffe strafing the beaches. It's a know fact that there were no Luftwaffe on the shores of Normandy. They were almost completely wiped out by that point.

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AMC (American Movie Classics) is showing war movies Thursday (Veteran's Day) through Saturday. Here is the list of the movies...not too shabby...

Apocalypse Now

Battle of the Bulge

Castle Keep

Flying Tigers

Hamburger Hill

Hell Is for Heroes

In Harm's Way

None But the Brave


Pt 109

Stalag 17

Strategic Air Command

The Enemy Below

The Fighting Seabees

The Green Berets

Three Came Home

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Prisoners Of The Sun (WWII in Pacific theatre)

Under Fire (Nicaraguan revolution of 1979)

Soldier Of Orange (WWII)

The Boat Is Full (WWII)

Europa Europa (WWII)

Stalingrad (WWII)

Das Boot (television miniseries and compiled film about WWII)

Johnny Got His Gun (WWI)

All Quiet On The Western Front (WWI)

The Killing Fields (Cambodian revolution/genocide of 1977-1979)

Idi Amin Dada (Ugandan genocide)

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There was one called Pride, or Glory, with Matthew Broderick about the Civil War. That was a good one. Also, All Quiet On The Western front. Those are the only two war movies I've seen. (Unless you count Victory as a war movie). Schindlers List too, but I don't know if that is necessarily a war movie.

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