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Looks good to me, but I'd make these changes:

Research- Gotta be the bluesboy. All business when it comes to his music.

Nighttime DJ- XXX. He's always exploring music, he could get it out there.

Man on the Street- Cyberdemon. Imagine the possibilities.

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Makeupman/Woman-Mairi (she can put a happy face on anyone)

2000-2004 Specialist(s)-Marry

Yay, i got nominated! i'd like to take this opportunity to thank my mum, my dad, brother, sister and most of all, Ziggy the goldfishie. also to the earliest caveman because he was cool. and to the little people, midgets. for a long time may i tower over you. and to Uncley Joe and JULIEANNE!

:jester: :: :happybanana:

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