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Hey, this is a song i wrote last month, fairly recent compared to my other stuff.


You never glance at me

Your eyes never meet mine

You're always far away

You're never truely fine

is it because i arrived

that you walked away?

Do you enjoy seeing me

slowly fade away?


Inhale, exhale, slowly breathe the fumes in

breathe in, breathe out, look aound and roll your eyes

Why do you feel intoxicated and move away?

claustrophobic, neurotic, paranoid

Is it because i choose to stay

that you suffocate, asphixiate

Lose control

become intoxicated

When you talk to me

i always feel ashamed

you seem so distant

so wanting to be blamed

When i look at you

you seem so unvindicated

is this an act



Im sorry if i make you feel oppressed

i guess im only loud

to hide being depressed

Maybe we are alike

but it doesnt matter

nothing matters

because you ignore me

ok, my writing has gone downhill and i know it, but meh, i wrote this coz i was depressed


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I agree with Dan. The first two verses and the chorus are really good, but the third verse doesn't seem to fit in. Still, I am more than twice your age and can't write anything that good, so don't put yourself down.

Keep writing!

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