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Wedding songs


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Nowhere's close to getting married. But i had to plan one back when I was in high school for a project. These were some of my ideas.

First Dances:

"I'll Be" -Edwin McCain

I swear -Richard marx

Father's Dance:

Goodnight my Angel -Billy Joel

More I Cannot Wish You -Guys and Dolls

Butterfly Kisses -Bob Carlyle (sterotypical)

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Y'know.... those are all good, hell, great choices. "I Swear", "Maybe I'm Amazed", "I'll Stand By You"

"From This Moment" et. al. But no-one, not a single soul will remember it. Because everyone uses those same songs. However...... If you used Alice Cooper's "I Love The Dead"? Your wedding will be remembered for generations. Imagine the look on your newly-minted in-law's faces...



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Ok, I need you guys' help. Of course you all know I'm getting married next year. Megan and I have the equivalent of writers block when it comes to what songs to be played are a must at the wedding, and "our" song, is, of course, listed as one of the most popular (or overplayed) songs in history. (Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight") I need your HELP!

Thanks by the way.

P.S.- By the way, don't be afraid to mention some more "modern", one hit wonder type stuff, possibly evem R&B.

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This is the CD I made on the very off chance I will ever need a wedding CD

We've Only Just Begun--The Carpenters

In My Life--The Beatles

* Longer--Dan Fogleberg

Wouldn't It Be Nice--The Beach Boys

Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry--Darlene Love

You Are the Sunshine of My Life--Stevie Wonder

Love Is All Around--The Troggs

Oh My Love--John Lennon

God Only Knows--Joss Stone

* When I Need You-Leo Sayer

If Not For You--Bob Dylan

Just the Way You Are--Billy Joel

Going to the Chapel--The Dixie Cups

Dance With Me--Orleans


Just Between You and Me--April Wine

This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)--Natalie Cole

Overjoyed--Stevie Wonder

Never My Love--The Association

Love--John Lennon

Ice Cream--Sarah McLachlan

Thank You--Led Zeppelin

You Are So Beautiful--Joe Cocker

You're My Best Friend--Queen

* Indicates pure childhood nostalgia

A good place to check for songs is iTunes; they have lists of songs for every occasion-weddings, barbecues, you name it, they probably have a list. Also, think of some movies about weddings and look at their soundtracks.

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