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I cream my pants at the very thought of it.

Ewwwwww..... ::

What were some of the hits that Duran Duran had?

Here is a track listing of their greatest hits CD. They also have a single out now - "(Reach Up For The) Sunrise"

1. Is There Something I Should Know?

2. Reflex

3. View to a Kill

4. Ordinary World

5. Save a Prayer

6. Rio

7. Hungry Like the Wolf

8. Girls on Film

9. Planet Earth

10. Union of the Snake

11. New Moon on Monday

12. Wild Boys

13. Notorious

14. I Don't Want Your Love

15. All She Wants Is

16. Electric Barbarella

17. Serious

18. Skin Trade

19. Come Undone

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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I'll tell you, Gis, I told this story in another thread.

1983, in Nuremberg I attended the very first Monsters of Rock Festival.

There were two stages, and it started around 9 in the morning. The bill was (as close to in order as I can remember):

Twisted Sister


Thin Lizzy


Blue Oyster Cult

Van Halen



I'm here to tell you....Thin Lizzy absolutely smoked them all. Phil had them from the second they took the stage. They were easily the best band that day, and I've been a fan ever since. I was truly sad when Phil died.

Live and Dangerous is one of the best live albums ever.

Down from the glen

Came the marching men

With their shields and their swords

To fight the fight

They believed to be right

To overthrow the overlords

Top notch, kick ass. And even though nobody ever mentioned it, Iron Maiden giot a lot of their style from Lizzy.

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wow wow wow wow wow wow WOW!!!! that's amazing jr. thank you for telling me although i must admit i now hate you, but purely because i'm madly jealous. i too am of the opiion that live and dangerous with never be topped as live albums go. i adore jailbreak, don't believe a word, emerald (brilliant rock-trad fusion) and above all the rocker!

'in walked this chick and i knew she was up to something

so i kissed her right there, outta the blue'

*weak* !!!!!!!!!!!

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