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Yo this is what happened:Yo I woke up late it was like 10 in the mornin'I was still half asleep and sleepy eyed, still yawning'I checked my voice mail to see who'd been callin'I turned on my computerc

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Yo this is what happened:

Yo I woke up late it was like 10 in the mornin'

I was still half asleep and sleepy eyed, still yawning'

I checked my voice mail to see who'd been callin'

I turned on my computer

check my email logged on it

Junk mail, junk mail dog-gone-it

Everybody just tryin to sell me they product

But there was one email that just caught my optic

It said suicidal, took the mouse and clicked on it

She said " Dear CS you don't know who I am,

You probably don't care cause I?m just another fan.

I doubt you ever read this, now but if ya can

Sometimes I slash my wrists and even cut my hands

And I feel all alone like nobody understands

And I'm gonna end it tonight I got the whole thing planned

Pop pills, leave a note on my night stand

Signed sincerely, Your Number 1 fan


Can someone now please help me

Will someone now just please help me

Can someone now please help me

Will someone now just please help me

Verse 2:

My heart is poundin as I start to type back

Why do you feel this way do you mind if I ask?

What?s the source and the cause of the pain that you have

How did you get this way, is it something from the past

God cares about you, I hope you understand that

Please don't end your life, I beg ya please write back

I finished typin', I sent the email quite fast

I bowed my head and prayed with all the strength that I had

She said "Man CS I didn't even know you would write me.

Let me explain why no one could ever like me

It all started when my father used to strike me

Raped and confused every since 1990

He's gone now but I can't put it all behind me

I tried to run away but my pain would always find me

Is God really the one who can help me (yes He is)

Signed tonight your Number 1 Fan?


Verse 3:

Dear number one fan I gotta lot to tell you

But with the email there is only so much I can help you

See I know a Father who could never ever fail you

He'll give you a love when nobody ever cared to

I know you might feel like everybody hates you

And you feel like you got no one you can relate to

But death feels like the best place to escape to

But that?s a lie that Satan, he just wants to tell you

I'm sorry that you were abused, your father raped you

But you gotta get some help cause nobody can make you

I know its hard to face but God will give you the strength to

I know you gots a lot of things you gotta work through

But with this help I know that you can break through

I seen it myself all the times He came through

Tell me what you think of what I sent you

I'll be prayin', Sincerely T-Squared


Verse 4:

Yo, I'd be pretending if I said this story had a happy endin

But after that night I never heard from her again

That night I tossed and turned lyin on my bed en

Cryin and prayin with these thoughts runnin through my head en

Did she do it, take her life, or wind up dead en

Or did she not choose it, just listened to what I said en

Maybe she never got the last one I was sent

Was it my fault was it something I shoulda mentioned

Every mornin I would just check my email

Checkin for any detail, hopin an prayin that she?s well

My emails came back sayin that they'd failed

No such address for Number1Fan@hotmail

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months en

Time would pass and I just heard nuthin

No letter no email no not even just somethin

What happened to my Number 1 fan I'm still wonderin


(after a show)

(Ok Changing Step will be signing over here at table 3)

T-Squared- yo s'up whats you name?

Some guy- Bobby I really like ur stuff it's hot man

T- Thanks dude

T- S'up dude whats ur name?

other guy- Jordan.

T- hey gilr s'up whats ur name

girl- I'm ur #1 fan

T- No whats ur real name?

Girl- I'm ur #1 fan

T- wait a minute ur that person?

Girl- Yeah I wrote u those emails

T- Whats happend since we last talked?

Girl- A whole lot has happened but I'm better now Thank You T-squared!

This was written for all u who go through the same situatoins as in the song or ones like it. I just want to let you all know that there is a a way out insteed of killing ur self. Suicied is a premanit solution to a temprary problem.

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