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Cold Ethyl -- Alice Cooper -- song Facts

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A song fact missing from the site:

Song: Cold Ethyl

Artist: Alice Cooper

Album: "Welcome to My Nightmare"

Released: February 28, 1975


* This  song was intended as a lighthearted satire on necrophilia (sex with a corpse) that Alice figured the kids would get, but the parents wouldn't (true!)

* Ann Landers, in her column, decried the song's content.

Alice Cooper then wrote to her, & it was published, that it was a lighthearted look at Necrophilia (as I typed above)

Ann replied that it wasn't funny to her., but rather sick.

*The song is actually a two-way meaning, alluding to Steven's battle with alcoholism (ethyl short for Ethyl Alcohol, & also pun of the dead woman's name Ethel (Steven is the imputed boy in Welcome to my Nightmare, having all the nightmares, & trying to fight his way back to waking.)

* Steven is having a lifetime love affair with Ethel & Ethyl in this part of the "Nightmare" the album is presenting in its thematic journey

Sources: I have the vinyl album, & I've read much in books & the internet in general

Lyrics: I don't have authorisation to copy/share

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