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Far away,

Across The Milky Way,

There are creatures unbelievably THICK!

They have no guns,

They have no wars,

What the hell is on their CNN???

All they do all day,

Is read and play,

And talk for long periods of time!

I don't know what they do,

For fun over there!

Because they have a Rule

Not To Fight.


They find it hard,

To steal and barge,

And kill and kill at all.

There is Love over there,

And they seem to care about life.

Yeah! About Life!




Guiter Solo

Maybe if we try to help them,

They could develop a way,

They could kill,

They could fight,

They could kill.


Guitar Solo



I wanted to write something today, so I decided to do a song.

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Nice work Dan, I like your style of writing, bet you can't wait for your geetar to strum out those solos, eh?

And a bannana for you.. :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana: :happybanana:

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Guiter Solo
The only problem is, it's hard to find a good Guiter player these days. Let alone someone who knows what a Guiter is. In all seriousness though, that was a great song. Good work, I especially liked the part at the end, "If we could help them develop a way" or something like that.
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