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I thought the name sounded familiar so I looked them up. They had a song that I think is the #1 earworm of all time..."My Girl".

Gone, gone, gone, she been gone so long, she been gone, gone, gone so long.

I'll be singing that all flapping day. I was under the impression that they were an 80s one hit wonder...it seems odd that they opened for PF...

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Chilliwack are a long established band from Vancouver Canada....since the mid nineteen sixties..formerly known as the Collectors. Basically a festival and special event band these days..havent really had a hit since "California Girl" in the mid seventies, but lots of North of the Border action over the last thirty years. Bill Henderson was leader for many years..and they are still active up here, just no current airplay product for a while. ::

Rock On!


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