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greatest rock bands ever

serial idiot

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go to one of those sites where you can hear a little blip. I think Easy Livin was thier biggest hit but I could be wrong. They were just typical 70's classic hard rock. I was never a huge fan, but if you are into classic rock, you should at least give them a listen. They had thier time of popularity.

I'm sure you've heard them and didn't realize it anyway! ::

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Batman, "Very Eavy... very umble" is the second or third Uriah Heep album and I think it´s one of the best.

But why did you skip the 80´s? I am not a fan of 80´s music at all, I don´t like New Romantics and all this kind of things that went in those years, but there was also some very good bands. Maybe not such as Pink Floyd or Stones or Led Zepp, etc., but you have REM, Psychedelic Furs, Eurythmics, Japan, Hall&Oates, Talking Heads, Blondie, Costello, Echo and the Bunnymen, Smithereens, Violent Femmes, Nirvana, Tears for Fears, Posion...garage bands, new psychedelia... well, I can´t list all the bands and honestly, I agree with you, but maybe we are not THAT right...

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