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Can we add a link to the new listings.

Since I signed-up with a new email that over filters (big-time) :( I can't get the new listing "newsletter" any more and I don't want to keep asking... a link to a page that lists them would be super... that's if it isn't too much hassle for you folks at the helm of Songfacts.

Let me know what you think.

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I have 2 concerns about this, both of which I should probably get over. The first thing I'm worried about is diluting the value of the newsletter. The second is the appearance that the database is not being updated. We are constantly working on the database and adding new songs, but putting it online takes some effort and is something we want to do only once a week or 2. I'm a little worried that people will see that no songs have been added for a week and think we are one of these sites that hasn't changed since 1998.

If anyone has any ideas on how we could present something like this, please let us know, it will help us out as we redesign the homepage.

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If you don't show the date that the latest additions were added new users won't notice and think the site is dead. And dedicated users who come to the site daily anyway (like me) won't care even if they do notice.

I run a consumer review website where products are added every few days and I don't list the dates that they were added. Users who visit the site daily love being able to see the latest product and review additions and new users don't usually take notice/advantage of the feature. The latest 5 product and review additions are shown on the front page with a link to see the latest 100.

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