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"Wing Commander II" story without combat


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I played this space combat before the turn of the century with my cheap charlie CH Flight Stick. However, the story behind all of the "pew-pew-pew-die-Kiralthi-scum!" action is interesting. Unlike today's 3D Photorealistic combat games like IL-2 Sturmovik, this "hear the Kilrathi call you foul names and diss you in combat," is just animated 2D. If you're the peaceful sort who doesn't want to burn "Bengal Tigers in space suits," here's "Old Blue Hair/space pilot Blair's" second tour against the Kzinti-like Kilrathi. See you on the "TCS Concordia," Space Pilot!;) But if you want to "burn some kitties," you can do it all, "Tiger's Claw" to the "Midway."

"Wing Commander complete series from #1 to Prophecy including The Secret Missions"

Edited by Otokichi
That *&#@$ Kilrathi called me a "still born kitten"!
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