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Nameless Dreamers on 4 Minute Edison Cylinder!


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Hello Classic Music lovers, Professor Matt here with the latest Edison Cylinder recording of the modern era. Yessir, no bothering with "black flapjacks" or "shiny discs," this here is an early 20th century man's format! The Wizard of Menlo Park is no slouch to that Berliner upstart, since you can buy or make 4 MINUTE recordings. Just in via Imperial Post is a 4 minute cylinder from Nameless Dreamers with TWO songs! By cracky, there's still some life left in tactile wax cylinders instead of those soulless "electrical or digital recordings." Press PLAY to hear a 2020 artist on 1906 tech...
Technmoan's theme, aka "Cuba Baion" remastered.

Where it all began: March 15, 2010: The Nixie Watch

Edited by Otokichi
Technmoan Fridays: Never a dull moment...
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