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Hellish School


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Halloween is just around the corner, so YouTube is full of reactions to scary/horror/apocalyptic movies. However, I saw this "Accented Cinema" tagline and c;licked on it out of curiosity. WARNING! This trailer/review is about Child Abuse by "trusted officials" and is scarier than some "horror" movies! You Have Been Warned! This tale follows a new teacher into a school for the hearing impaired. He finds that the students are moody, hostile, depressed, or "just there." Later, he hears something going on in a bathroom after school hours, but is waved off by the security guard. Why does one kid come to class covered in cuts and bruises? He looks into school records and visits student's homes after school. Alarm bells go off when he comes across the Principal beating a child. Then things go from bad to worse...

Real life setails about the movie, "Silenced"

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