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Small Thermal Printers, Part 2


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Is the heat of Summer getting you down? "Techmoan" has two more monochrome thermal printers for you! First, for Adults (and sophisticated kids) there's a mini printer that works with your SmartPhone to print out the latest celebrity faux pas or a QR code to send along to folks who text: Stop Sending That Crap To Me! Then, for kids (or child-like adults) with low expectations, you can have a 2-way camera along with a built-in printer. Will the camera+thermal printer bring out the Ansel Adams in your toddler-photographer? It's Andy Warhol/LOMO camera results will surprise and delight their grandparents, at least. It's cheaper than film, and these tiny, ethereal prints will fade faster than an ankle-biter's memory, so have some fun this Summer!;)

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Thermal Prints: Less stable than Polaroid Originals...
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