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John Lennon vs Paul Mcartney

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Sorry I speak English, don't recognize your sorry-ass language fool. Bye and have a nice day! ::

According to the analogy of the Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainty, the probability of finding wit, humour, or even proper grammar in what you just wrote is nil. Although now that you bring up the word "fool"... hmmm.


You don't wanna make Mr. T cry, would you? Oops, too late.

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Hey sorry you guys, got a little carried away. I'm really not an ignorant ass,cyberdemon, and I actually think you're pretty funny (though I wish you wouldn't have brought my race into it). And xxx you have the right to your opinion, and this surely isn't life or death anyway. So be it though, but I'm really honestly sorry.

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What context would that be? "I'm right and I will be proven right." What kind of self-centered egotistical dolt would make such a comment, but someone of dual/hypocritical personality like John Lennon? As a component of The Beatles, I could see John as someone one would reluctantly work with since the weight of his genius would outweigh personal opinion of what he chose to demonstrate of himself to others. There's no denying the truth, though. The guy was self-centered, egotistical, hypocritical, and a dead-beat father.

You´re right, XXX. John Lennon was a very egocentric person... when he was awarded (after his death) as the symbol of peace, even his son Julian said "Peace? I never had peace at home..."... He had a big mouth and he vas violent... Yoko Ono taught him to be more kind to other people, as John Lennon said in his late days. He was hard to work with... I am not christian and I love Beatles & specially John Lennon, but he really was a contradictory man. A snob, an egocentric and a genius...

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In all honesty though, I would take "Maybe I'm Amazed" over "Imagine" anyday.

As for the 'Bigger than Jesus' thing, I agree that he was saying that in terms of popularity with the kids they were bigger, not that they were better or superior to Jesus Christ. I think John once pointed out that if he would have said "Television is more popular than Jesus" he probably would not have gotten into that type of trouble. It was more a comment on the state of religion but it was also careless and arrogant.

And now again, Annabelle, I couldn´t agree more with you: "Maybe I´m amazed" is one of my favourite songs, and I don´t like "Imagine" very much... as for the rest of your speech, I agree with every word.

Errr... I´d like to put many quotes in the same post, but I don´t know how to do it... don´t think I´m a spammer!!! If anybody knows the trick, tell me please! Thanks! :jack:

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If you're gonna quote something, quote it all! The rest of what he said is "Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me." That's the full context, and I think that much of what he said HAS proven to be true.

Whatever your interpretation of his words, though, I have to say I don't appreciate your crude, hateful comments about Lennon. He was a great artist who a lot of people like me admired. So he was a flawed human being--who the F isn't--but that doesn't take away one iota from his awesome contribution to our music and our culture. (And it is only my respect for the people who run this board, and for those who post their comments, that prevents me from telling you how I really feel.)

And now again, you are more than right, Rico. I ´m listening to the "Shaved Fish" compilation, I only can say "Thank you, John Lennon, for all you gave me". By the way, SweetCyberDemon...tsss,tsss,tsss... I´m sure you also like the Beatles... :angel: :angel: :angel:

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