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Philips LGC 2050: Giant Cassette Player


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Father's Day is coming up. and "Techmoan" has a doozy of a "Fix-It Felix" piece of tech that would puzzle most "all-things-audio" experts. Submitted for your befuddlement is a background music player for your local Piggly Wiggly or Wal-Mart of the 1970's. As a business owner, you could regale your customers with your taste in Muzak, sprinkle the day with limited time sales announcements, and drive your staff to distraction. But the behemoth "needs a few repairs." Will Matt be able to play the one 1/4 inch tape cartridge he has? Press "Play" to find out...

Edited by Otokichi
"Elcaset"? That tiny thing?
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