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So you don't know where in the world Kolkata is? Fear not, "Techmoan" has found a "world turning" package to brighten the day of Geography-challenged folks everywhere. You DO have a SmartPhone, right? (I don't.) A trip to Amazon Japan will net you a lightly textured plastic world globe and a multi-purpose App for your Apple phoe or iPad. A virtual Political map overlay with national flags will make if possible to distinguish Albania from Zaire. Is the eight-year-old child in you mad about Dinosaurs? There's an overlay for that. Is this package worth $40 US? Can you use the App on another globe? Play the video and find out...;)

P.S.: Did you know that "AR" means "Augmented Reality"? I had to look it up, since "Techmoan" says nothing about it in the video.

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Copy Protection like it's 1999?
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