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Philips N2401+N6711 = Ski Slope Changer!

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Submitted for your amazement, "Techmoan" embarks on an epic mechanical repair odyssey! In 1970, Philips turned an otherwise ho-hum, top loading Compact Cassette deck into a unique multiple cassette player/changer. (Think LP changer.) If you dare to follow "Techmoan" into the Repair sequence, you will see a Rube-Goldberg-worthy complex mechanism that plays and records cassette tapes, and changes them. Will Matt get this mechanical marvel working? Proceed at your own risk!;)

GPO Portable Boombox This"Techmoan" video was to have run last week, but, upon seeing news of the passing of "UncleJoe," I set it aside for a week to allow a proper Wake. So, do you think this "Retro-style" thing is worth the Euros or should be avoided as "Chinese Junk"? Dive in as Matt investigates this curious piece of modern tech.

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Two for the price of One!
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