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Hurricane in my heart


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I looked up and she filled my eyes with amazement,

she was the most incredibley beautiful girl to have befallen my eyes, my heart racing with fear and mind fighting off confusion as my body heats up and I grasp in my head the thoughts that are colliding.

Is this, my understanding, I am not worthy, or am I simply unprepared for the storm of emotion that is within me.

How do I react, respond or connect, to this, one who has struck an arc of wonderment and bewilderment upon me.

These feelings within me have over-taken my entire soul,

I cannot move, I cannot speak - a fool I must appear to be here now, my hope is flickering, my embarassment most apparent, I shall not speak a word, I shall not continue my dream... I am not, have not been, and will never be, yet the storm has finally passed on through me now, it's no longer a threat. I retreat with head hung low and start to wonder why anyone would ever notice me here or there on earth or not.

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