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If the tale of "Supermarket Woman" is too tame, here's a Japanese Black Comedy. This time, we're in the Yakuza world, where a young "wiseguy" supplies "working girls" on demand for a corrupt politician. The sadistic old man beats up a new girl, and things go South suddenly. Enraged at the "dispose of the body" treatment of his "working girl," the wiseguy rounds up his gang of punks to get revenge. The gang of idiots are tracked down by the "made men" and Mr. Wiseguy is on the run. This is a 2 hour 15 minute movie, taking the viewer into "back roads Japan," thanks to a Peruvian Japanese taxi driver who can't read Kanji or navigate. It looks like a great time waster and character study, punctuated by violence and gunplay.

Edited by Otokichi
"Are you from Brazil? Peru. Same thing."
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