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Do you like these song ideas?

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I am thinking of new songs ideas, and I was wondering, how do you guys feel about these spoofs?

Rule: Each of the following are a list of spoofs of one song, and the thing is to state your choice of the listed spoof options or list a new one if you like, but after one single song is chosen for being a spoof of the original song, I am going to go with that spoof option.

Here are the songs and the choices:

1) "I Sought Them Raw", "I Sawed Them Raw"

2) "Minuscule Cat", "Minute Cat"

3) "It's In My Kiss", "It's In His Miss"

4) "Kids", "Tricks", "Bricks", "Sticks", "Ticks"

5) "Dog in the Cellar", "Dog in the Crypt", "Dog in the Casket", "Dog in the Chamber", "Dog in the Ladle"

6) "Someone to Shove", "Someone to Leave"

What do you guys think?


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Oh, I knew I forgot something. Okay, here are the original songs that the spoof *choices* are going to be spoofed on:

1. "I Fought the Law and the Law Won" (Bobby Fuller 4)

2. "Atomic Dog" (George Clinton)

3. "It's In His Kiss: The Shoop Shoop Song" (Betty Everett)

4. "Kicks" (Paul Revere and the Raiders)

5. "Cat in the Cradle" (Elton John)

6. "Somebody to Love" (Jefferson Airplane)

Sorry, I thought I already did that. Geez, why didn't anyone tell me I was missing this?


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We used to play this other type of game which isn't overly hard. You use a minimum '3' tunes with no spaces. Okay, just take a look so I don't confuse ya...


Now, break it and ...

Aintevendonewiththenight beforethenextteardropfalls

Aintevendonewith thenightbefore thenextteardropfalls

Aintevendonewiththenight beforethenextteardropfalls

You see, one or two words will overlap each other. We also made it that you had to guess the band/singer. In this case...

John Mellencamp

The Beatles

Freddy Fender

Cool huh??


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