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Curtain Call

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They cried their lives away

Letting everybody know

Just how bad they had it

One?s been here 7 days

Parked in 2A

Should have left today

Now he?s leaving in a long black limousine

The smokers standing

outside the doors

Like to watch

They?re watching yours

One after another

Sisters and brothers

All climb aboard

The earth-bound train

Again and again

Man after man

In a delivery van

To all their eager fans

We take them as they come

One after one

You seem to lose a sense of measure

And block out all the displeasure

And while I?ll gladly ring you up

Soon we all have to drain the cup

To have a customer of my own

To have customer quite well-known

Now and again

We come for fun we come for sin

And it looks like they?re letting us in

I was a little reluctant to post this, because I'm not the most gifted of writers, but it's a work in progress and if anybody has any ideas to improve it, then let 'em fly. I'll explain this song a little. My grandpa is in the hospital, and we went to visit him yesterday. After we parked, as we were walking through the parking structure to get to the hospital, I noticed all the cars parked there, and realized that there was a story behind each car; a reason why it was there. It gave me the idea for an album, and this song would be the last song on it. It's about a funeral home that receives all the people who die in the hospital.

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Not only have u had a brilliant and ballsy idea of a concept album, BUT the concept of the album rocks, Very deep and very cool

this is a kewl example of good writing aswell, sticking to the subject, and making sense but still making a lot of it very methodical, good job!! :guitar:

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