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Polonium Cube and Nixiecron M4 Clock

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Submitted for your approval, two high tech "light kits" from Germany. "Techmoan" has done it again, dragging a small tech company from obscurity to commercial success! So, here are two very interesting LED kits guaranteed to fill your "slack time" and turn the darkest night into a "druggie light show.";) The Cube "requires assembly" and common sense to turn slabs of plastic into a kinetic light sculpture that rivals a sex-starved male Cuttlefish "on the make."  Next, is a four digit LED display that doesn't require electronic hobbyist skills, but has as many modes and possibilities as any humble "store bought" LCD alarm clock...and so much more. People who speak German will have a leg up on these projects, though Google! Translate will get a workout for "monolinguals." 

Edited by Otokichi
NixieCron M4 is also an MP3 player!

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