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"The Warped Ones" (1960)


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This movie is playing this evening on Turner Classic Movies in a group of foreign language films from Japan, France, and Poland. The theme is "Jazz at the movies." In Tokyo, youths prey on foreign visitors, but are caught by the Police with the help of a newspaper reporter. Some time later, the freed hoodlums seek vengeance on the newspaperman...

"Knife In The Water"

Edited by Otokichi
Summertime, and hoodlums are loose!
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Thank you👍


"I guess we didn't play fair, so here, let me make it up to you Maggie," she said handing me a rolled-up piece of cloth.

I tried standing up but my legs felt like I had just run 10 miles. Brian kindly helped me stand and allowed me to lean on him as I unrolled what Erica had handed me. It was a long, modest black dress, I pulled up my underwear and quickly put on the dress to cover myself again. It felt smooth, silky, and went all the way down to my knees, and it felt so good to be covered again. Even with my hatred of girly clothes, I was thankful for this dress.

I watched as Brian and Erica fixed their clothes to look presentable again and I did the same trying to wipe off Erica's juices from my face. I then reached down to grab the mask and wig but Erica stopped me.

"Hey, no need for those, and if no one sees you at the party, they might suspect that you were the blonde cheerleader, so better keep those here."

What she said sounded, legit, "you're probably right, I mean people saw me come in, they'd probably ask questions if they didn't see me leave."

As Erica guided us out of the maze and the three of us walked back to the house, things almost felt different. If I didn't know any better, they were actually being friendly again.

Before we got back into the house, Erica pulled me aside, "hey if anyone asks, just tell them you're a witch from American Horror Story and you just got the dress today."

"Um, ok, I'll do that..." I said walking in.

The feeling inside the house was also very different than before, it almost felt like all eyes were on me. I know I've never worn a dress before but there was really nothing sexy or slutty about it. I made my way through the living room, walking slowly as to not draw any attention to myself.

"Is that Maggie Hill," someone said as I walked by.

"Nice costume Hill! Very daring!" another person yelled out.

"You look hot, I never would have had the guts to wear something like that in public," a girl said walking past me padding my shoulder as she did.

All the comments leaving me very confused but then I saw my friends drinking in the corner, but after what had happened, I decided to dodge them and make my way to the front door. I wasn't ready to see them just yet, especially after everything they did and said to me, whether they knew it or not. I opened the door nearly ran into Paul on my way out. Paul was another guy on the football team and I think Brian's best friend.

"Hey there," his eyes looked at me up and down and I blushed as it felt like he was checking me out, "forget your cape at home there, Supergirl."

"Oh, I'm not Supergirl, it's a witch costume, you like it?" I said almost nervously since no guy had ever hit on me before.

"Oh yeah, it's really hot, can I take a selfie with you?"

I didn't know what to say and just nodded my head as he pulled out his phone, the whole time I stared at his face unable to believe that this guy thought I was hot.

"Hey, I hope I'm not too forward, but maybe I could get your number too?"

He handed me his phone and I put my number in along with my name and handed it back to him.

"You heading out now?"

"Yeah, I've been here since the beginning and I'm just exhausted now."

"Ok, get home safe," he smiled as I walked away, down the driveway, and started to make my way back to my house.

After everything, it just felt really nice to have a guy be normal to me tonight and not try to ******* me or use me. I couldn't help but picture our selfie all the way home and how his hand felt on my hip. I kept walking oblivious to the world around me, but living in a small town it wasn't unexpected to pass by familiar faces, especially having to travel through downtown.

I noticed my algebra teacher Mr. Redd stop dead in his tracks across the street and awkwardly wave at me, I waved back yelling, "hi Mr. Redd, like my witch costume?"

He just stood there and nodded, not even blinking as I kept walking. I passed a couple, the woman having a disgusted look on her face as her boyfriend smiled from ear to ear. I know it isn't much of a costume, maybe she didn't know it was from American Horror Story and that I was a witch. I looked back to see him staring back at me as she slapped him in the back of the head.

When I finally got home, my parents were sitting in the living room, watching some old horror movie in the dark.

"Did you have a fun time sweetie? That's a nice dress, I thought you left as a nurse and you came home a nun?"

"Someone spilled some punch on me and Erica let me borrow this dress, I'm a witch from a tv show."

"Whatever you say, sweetie."

I made my way to my room; I had left my phone and wallet at home afraid that I would lose them at the party since the scrubs had no pockets. My phone already had a text from an unknown number and I only assumed it was Paul making sure I got home ok.
"Hey, it's Paul, now you have my number, message me when you get home, with a costume like that, you never know what a guy may do."

A dress like this, maybe he had a thing for the mature woman type...

"Hey, just got home."

"Hey! Thanks again for the selfie, my friends would have never believed it if I had told them without proof."

"What? That Maggie Hill is actually a girl and can wear a dress without bursting into flames?"

"Something like that..."

"Maybe I could get a copy of that pic as well, I'd like to see it ;)," I texted back.

"Yeah, no problem," the typing symbol coming up as I could only guess he was sending the pic.

I put my phone on my bed, grabbing a towel, and wiping my face still feeling like Erica's pussy juices were all over it, but it was most likely just sweat from the long hot walk home in the Florida heat. I grabbed my phone and went to the bathroom and got a message before I got a chance to turn the lights on, it was the selfie that Paul took.

My hand shot up to my mouth in shock, "oh, *******," were the only words that came to my mouth as I saw the image, the dress was completely see-thru, you could see everything, even my superman underwear, I was practically naked.

I fell back to the wall, my legs growing weak as I realized what had just happened, "oh my god," everyone in the house saw everything, "oh *******," Paul must think I'm some kind of slut coming naked to a party, "CRAP!" all the people I passed on my walk home, even my algebra teacher saw everything. Maybe it was just the camera, maybe it was just the angle or the light coming from behind, I thought trying to calm myself as I turned the light on in the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror.
"*******... me," the dress was completely transparent.

Another notification from my phone and I looked at it nearly in tears as I saw a picture sent from Paul, it was him along with Brian and Erica and an accompanying message, "Happy Halloween."

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