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anybody seen bob dylan

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I saw him twice; first time it was boring, he looked upset, just like if he was there just waiting to finish the concert, he sang all in a hurry, he didn´t say a word or introduce a song... not a single smile. Second time he was nicer but he changed the songs, I could hardly recognize them. My brother saw him once and told me he was funny, brilliant, happy, and even said something like "Wow, what a great audience, this must be a dream!!" So... it´s up to his mood!

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You know, I just had a thought. What if some famous musician was posting on these boards under an alias, and we didn't even know it. That would be pretty cool.

Hahaha, I thoght about that... that would be very funny!!! But you know, we got nothing to hide or be ashamed...

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:jester:The only time I saw Bob Dylan live was when he toured with the Grateful Dead in 1987, in Eugene, Oregon. The Dead played a full two-set show. Then they played the role of backup band for Bob Dylan. It was fantastical.

I don't think he's the greatest singer in the world, but his songs are amazing. I once read that, when asked why the Dead played so many Dylan songs, Jerry replied that he liked a song with a good tune that was about something.

The tour with Dylan was the first time they played All Along The Watchtower, later to become a smoking staple for the Dead. That was the song I had hoped to hear. And, I'll tell you, Jerry and Phil, and the rest of the guys blew my musical mind a few times with that song.


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