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Submitted for the approval of folks with strong stomachs and a "need to know" curiousity, Part One of a Mark Felton World War II tale. Starting in 1942-43 on Borneo, British and Australian POWs were gathered into labor camps by the Imperial Japanese Army to serve as slave labor. This is a tale of resistance to enemy authority on the level of "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence," as Borneo's unhealthy climate wore down the imprisoned soldiers. The previous War Stories with Mark Felton began just after Dunkirk, when Operation Sea Lion was being fed by barge traffic that RAF Handley Page Hampden bomber squadrons attacked at low level through increasingly heavy German Flak. Should you choose to seek out this Mark Felton tale, be advised that there were cliff hangers aplenty over nearly 20 segments. Got your rotting boots and work tools at hand? Your very-angry-conscripted-into-the-Japanese-army Taiwanese guard will whip you into shape!

Edited by Otokichi
This war story is all too true...
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