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"Outer Wilds"

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Submitted for your approval, a near -space-faring race from a stable that has chosen the ensemble approach to game play through. (Their indescribable version of "Subnautica" is unique, where the "lone survivor" on planet 4546B is "helped" by the loopy/ignorant/lazy Alterra staff at the home office.;) This time. things are as interesting/improbable/mind bending as the movie "Arrival." Are your four eyes functioning? Don't try to "jump over the "Black Hole" and look for trees to supply Oxygen as you explore a constantly changing moon. "I don't need the launch codes," you say? You got them yesterday? Isn't that a case of deja vu...

"Subnautica" by Neebs Gaming. (The eqivalent of tech support over a party line...)

Edited by Otokichi
Neebs Gaming play throughs are unique and addicting...

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