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Sony's Recordable Laserdisc!?


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Back in the days just before Blockbuster Video left the corner video rental store in the dust, I wondered if a recordable Laserdisc was possible. Time marches on, Blockbuster is doing a "fade to black," and I'm using one of the last DVD recorders made in the early 2000s to record a 1983 Japanese "morning drama show," about a Meiji-to-Showa girl/woman, "Oshin." (I wasn't interested in this unique year long NHK Taiga drama when it ran in 15 minute daily segments back then.) Submitted for your approval, "Techmoan" has intercepted a dumpster-bound "Laserdisc" recording system! A product of the early 1990's, this particular "Write Once, Read Many" videodisc system was used by a museum for it'a ability to store 43,000 images. Look closely at this "MaxiDisc" and be amazed at the swift march of progress...

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Merry Chroistmas from Matt...
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