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RCA Victor's 1930's failed 33 1/3 disks.


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Submitted for your approval, an answer to a question about "Techmoan's record speed war." What did those 1930's RCA Victor records sound like? Were these early vinyl disks as easily destroyed as alleged by rivals? "VWestlife" has a 1931 RCA Victor disk (Was $50, sold for $30) that will set the record straight on this alternative to the "maximum of five minutes" 78 RPM platters of the day.

If you think that 78 RPM is/was mind-blowing-fast, take a look at the speed champ, a 1905 Pathe 120 RPM record!: Vive La France!

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Let's amble along with Led Zeppelin at 33 1/3 RPM...
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