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The soundtrack was brilliant, Matt and Trey once again penned some brilliant lyrical satire, with songs like

America F___ Yeah!!!

Everybody's Got Aids! (from the broadway musical 'Lease')

I'm So Ronry (as sung by Kim Jong Il)

The Michael Bay Montage Song

Pearl Harbor Sucked (Sample lyric 'I need you like Ben Affleck needs acting school)

and a country diddy 'A buck or five' ('Cuz freedom, it costs a whole ____ing lot, so lend a buck or five)

There were more songs too, but those are the ones that popped into my head.

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I'm So Ronry (as sung by Kim Jong Il)

I know the guy who sang that actually! He is in my class, and he got cancer so he met the "make a wish foundation" and asked if he could do voices on South Park. He did some (I don't know which ones, just one time characters) and he got to sing that song, and they put it in the movie (he does a verse, trey parker does a verse, he does one, trey does one, etc.)

I really wanna see it, but since its rated R, I can't get in without a parent or really good running shoes. I don't have good running shoes, and I don't think I'd be able to see it with my parents without having them walk out for the rest of the week have my dad complain about violence in American movies, and ramble on and on and on. I'll wait til its out on video so I can watch it myself.


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look, I just don't want anyone to find out my secret identity, OK?

anyways, its not an urban legend, because he told me as a first-hand account. He might have lied, but why would he? Also, he didn't say to the make-a-wish foundation that he wanted to be in the movie, just to do a voice on the show, then after that, it was their choice to let him go in the movie.

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