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Song yet to be titled!

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ok, here is my 7th song, it is to be something of a Pop Rock/Alternative something along those lines...before you judge, read the WHOLE THING FIRST!!!


Everyday go to school....

everyday try and be cool...

everyday, I feel Pain...

Everyday, I get no gain...

Everyday I am knocked down...

Everyday i wish I'd fall and drown...

You people dont know that your fun...

Makes me inch closer to this gun...

I dont know why I always get picked on

I wonder why until early dawn

I have feelins too

I am just like you

I do the same as you do


Everytime i get to my feet...

I fall into even more deciete

I am reaching for this

I am going to where I'll have my peaceful bliss

instead of the constant diss

maybe tomorrow will be columbine all over

then we'll see whos laughing then!

you call me names,

you say "we like to play games"


Theres the school bully

I'm the first he fights...

I get beaten up...

then he moves on...

Now suddenly I am filled with joy...I have formed a gang

now we stick together...

on that fateful day that bully had his last fight!

you see I took my hand from my pocket and...



Was this right...NO...Violence is an on going event, you see it everyday, but tuirn the other way, the icident explained here is 100% true, and is a situation easily avoided all it took was ONE PERSON, this could have saved a life, some turned away, some joined in, and why? because its FEAR! Bullies are not people to fear, you need to tell people of your problems, it will help everyone!

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