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i wrote a little rap to the beat of a run dmc song. i dont like rap at all, but every once in a while dmc is ok, but its fun to rhyme to. so here it is. (the words in bold are when two say it at the same time)

even after the demise of jam master, jay,

we're still DMC and we're leadin' the, way,

we like to, rock, ev'ry single, day,

our rhymes are, hot, but our hair is, gray,

when we walk into a bar, ev'ry one knows who we are and unless we're playing golf we are aways above par,

we don't walk the streets, but we dress in black,

you can find our name, in the almanac,

we're bad in a good way,

whatever that means,

we eat our oranges, reds, and greens,

i started off as a sucker mc, now i rocked a rhyme now look at me.

its not that good but i tried.

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