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You Say...


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So for posting so many, I found these ones after I posted last, I am TERRIBLY SORRY!

this song is about Teens, and how they are falsely judged and accused of certain things....ENJOY!

{Verse #1}

As you stare at me, with your judging eyes

You think you have me figured out

Your image of me is false, that?s the use of the lies

You think I have no respect

In interviews all I get is reject

When I enter stores I am a suspect


You say I?m a Drug user

You say I an Alcohol abuser

You say I?m a rebel

You say I?m the Devil


Is it right?

NO! People say that I am going to light it up?

You people MUST believe me!!

The last thing I lit up was a Football Scoreboard

The Day I long for is the day you people stop passing judgements

And seen for who we REALLY ARE!

Straight A students or Football players or sports athletes or Generous caring people or Teens who just want to have fun

In NO WAY! Are we drug-using menaces! We have lives and futures to live, we have no use for Drugs.

Its funny isn?t it, you people told us not to discriminate, and yet you are discriminating against us! And despite it all, we still care, honour, and respect you people for who you are?

And yet we are the ones who are bad?

Yeah that?s what the media makes you think!

I feel it is now?

{Verse #2}

Time to set this record right

You see I my future is bright

I don?t fight, instead I write

People Judge me,

You cant see

Your blind

One day you people will find

That your wrong when you say?


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