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"Manila In The Claws of Light"

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This week's Turner Classic Movies featured movies from Hong Kong and The Philippines. The Hong Kong movie, "Days of Being Wild" (1990) is a series of tales revolving around a Lothario, his "mother," and the short time loves of the less-than-heroic protagonist. The Filipino movie, "Manila In The Claws of Light" (1975) is a classic worth your attention. The protagonist (a fisherman) has left his remote village in search of his beloved-from-childhood sweetheart who was taken by the rotund "Mrs. Cruz" to Manila for work and school. He hasn't heard from her in a long time, and roams the streets in search of her. He's a construction laborer by day, eking out a living at 2.50 Pesos a day, among saavy coworkers who are trying to keep afloat on meager pay. 1960's Manila is a grim place, but the characters are unforgettable.

"Days of Being Wild" Trailer

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Work for 4 Pesos, get paid 2.50..."Taiwan!"
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