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RIP Rodney


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I loved it when he was trying to score with a teacher:

How 'bout we go out to dinner tonight?

Sorry, but I have a class.

Well, how 'bout tomorrow night?

I'm sorry but tomorrow I have another class.

OK then, why don't you call me when you have no class?


I'm a land sign, my wife, she's a water sign. Together we made mud.


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To this very day, I still sing "Rappin' Rodney"...he will be missed.

Rappin' Rodney

Rodney Dangerfield

I played hide and seek when I was three

Why they couldn't even look for me

I was an ugly kid I never had fun

They put me through a dog show and I won!

When I was born I brought no joy

My old man said he wanted a boy

I was an ugly kid always alone

Halloween I had to trick or treat over the phone

Friends don't call

My phone don't ring

I don't get a break with anything!

(whatsamatta rodney?)

Ah death, where is my sting?!


It's just Rappin' Rodney

Ain't that your type

No, no

Rappin' Rodney

Get out of sight

It's just

Rappin' Rodney

Make no mistake

Or old

Rappin' Rodney

Can't get a break!

I'm getting old it's hard to face

Well during sex I lose my place

Steak and sex my favorite pair

I have 'em both the same way...very rare

I know I'm old I could go any minute

I got a kidney shaped pool with a stone in it

Doctor Vinnie Boombah that's another one

I said I wanted to stop aging he gave me a gun

I told him I got water on the knee

He gave me a sponge and raised his fee

(whatsamatter rodney?)

Ahhhh, It ain't easy bein' me


Nothin' goes right I just can't fight it

Well Eastern Airlines thanked me for flying United

I got some money what did I do?

I bought some quicksand the deal fell through

My car broke down I called Triple A

They left the car and towed me away

I can't take it no more I'm getting too old

I called suicide prevention they put me on hold

Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall

I'm always up against the wall

(whatsamatta rodney?)

Ahhh, I don't get no respect at all


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I'm very fortunate to have seen Rodney live at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware, back in 86 or 87. Maybe even 88, I forget now. He was one of a kind, that's for sure. He let people heckle, then handed them their a$$.

"Hey Whitey, where's your hat?" :laughing:

Some of you may remember the "Tastes great, less filling" commercials from way back.

"All we need is one more pin, Rodney!"

Yup, he was a good one.

See ya, Rodney.

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What if nobody came to his funeral? Then he would have been right all along, he doesn't get any respect.

Reminds me of the Simpsons episode where he did the voice for the guy who sold Marge that Pretzel Wagon, & then he dies & Homer wishes to speak to the president of his estate & his wife leans over & whispers "he's in that coffin over there, they were in the same car"

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