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Has anyone heard of Thursday?

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I LOVE THURSDAY!!! its my all time favorite band of all time and u'll hafta hear the song Paris in Flames on the Full Collapse CD if u want to hear the most astounding music eva! anyways if ur a big fan of good music in general or u really like emo/hardcore rock u have got to bye thier CD, i really recommend full collapse for starters but War All the Time is also a must

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I've been meaning to do a thread pertaining to this type of music. Anyway yes, I do like 'Thursday.'

However, my favourite for this genre is ...

Coheed and Cambria

I didn't want to mention them since I wasn't sure if anyone here has heard of them.

I also enjoy ...

Autopilot Off

Death Cab for Cutie

Taking Back Sunday

Armor for Sleeping



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